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Special features of a highly qualified
specialist status
Special features of a highly qualified specialist status

Special features of a highly qualified specialist status

  • Work permit for HQS is issued without regard to quotas
  • HQS is entitled to acquire a work permit which may be valid on the territory of several subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Family members* of HQS are entitled to work in the territory of Russia for the duration of HQS’s work permit. Work permits for the family members are issued without regard to quotas
  • HQS and his/her family members shall have medical insurance policy (voluntary medical insurance agreement). As a rule, an employer is obliged to provide HQS with such insurance
  • HQS is not obliged to undertake medical examination or provide any medical background information or health certificates for obtaining a work permit
  • A foreign national who has acquired the HQS status may reside within the territory of Russia without migration registration within 90 days since the day of entering the country
  • Personal income tax is 13%
  • A foreign national may claim HQS status himself/herself. In order to do that, he/she should apply to the diplomatic or consular mission of Russia or to a representative office of the Russian Federal Migration Service in the country of his/her citizenship
  • In case of cancellation of HQS’s labor agreement, his/her work permit would be valid for the following 30 days. During this time period HQS may find another employer and enter into a new labour agreement. Otherwise, HQS and his family members would have to leave Russia within 30 working days

* – family members include: spouse, children and their spouses, parents and their spouses, grandparents, grandchildren.
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