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Highly qualified specialist
Highly qualified specialist

Highly qualified specialist

In 2010 Russian migration legislation experienced significant alterations: the term “patent” was introduced - a kind of a work permit for individuals, and attraction of highly qualified specialists became available.

Basic condition for obtaining highly qualified specialist status is the salary amount. A foreigner can be granted highly qualified specialist status if his salary exceeds:
Two million roubles per year
One million roubles per year (for teaching and research staff)
700 thousand roubles per year (for foreign residents of special technology implementing economic area)
Note: salary requirements are not applied to participants of Skolkovo project.

Despite the fact that highly qualified specialist status has range of limitations (both for employee and employer), procedure of obtaining working permit for highly qualified specialist appears to be simpler compared to general permissive documentation formalities.

For the employer of a highly qualified specialist it means, first of all, cancellation of quota for employing foreign nationals, as well as less document burden and arrangements required for employing a HQS.

For the employee it is an opportunity to obtain a work permit and, if necessary, a working visa for up to three years, to avoid annual medical inspections for obtaining a work permit and an opportunity of acquisition of residence permit in Russia.

Residence permit for highly qualified specialist

Considering Russian demographics and taking into account the concept of state migration policy of Russia before 2025, a conclusion can be drawn that Russia is interested for highly qualified specialist attraction. The ultimate goal is to create favourable conditions for highly qualified specialist to stay in Russia on long-term basis and eventually to obtain Russian citizenship.

For these purposes the legislation provides simplified procedure of obtaining residence permit. Once the employer executes the working permit for highly qualified specialist, the latter has the right to apply for residence permit. Work permit and residence permit given to the HQS have the same period of validity. Residence permit is one of the conditions for obtaining Russian citizenship.
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