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Permanent residence permit in Russia
Permanent residence permit in Russia

Permanent residence permit in Russia

The permanent residence permit is a document confirming a foreign national’s right to live in Russia for five years. This document allows for multiple extensions, and is also grounds for receiving the Russian citizenship.

We often get requests for assistance in obtaining a “temporary Russian green card,” but the Russian law does not provide for such a document or such a concept. Only a temporary residence permit (TRP) can be temporary: it is issued for three years and cannot be extended.

Obtaining a permanent residence permit substantially expands a foreign national’s rights in Russia: it allows its holder to work anywhere in Russia (in any Russian region) without having to obtain any additional permits, it entitles its holder to become permanently registered at a certain address, to receive social services, and much more. Please also note that once you have received a Russian permanent residence permit, you can stay in Russia indefinitely as a permanent resident, because it can be renewed an unlimited number of times. However, it is important that you realize that you have not relinquished your citizenship of another country when you obtain a Russian permanent residence permit, and that you remain a foreign national living in Russia.

How to obtain a permanent residence permit

In most cases, one can only obtain a permanent residence permit if one already has a temporary residence permit. This requirement does not apply to highly qualified foreign specialists and citizens of Belarus, as well as citizens of Turkmenistan holding a relocation permit.

Just like the temporary residence permit, obtaining a Russian permanent residence permit in Moscow is a special case: the foreign national applying for permanent residence in Moscow has to own a home (an apartment) in Moscow, or his or her landlord’s consent to the foreign national’s registration at the apartment. You should also pay special attention to gathering documents confirming your income, medical certificates, as well as submitting a “notice confirming the fact of a foreign national’s living in Russia”.
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