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Documents required for registration after
obtaining a TRP
Documents required for registration after obtaining a TRP

Documents required for registration after obtaining a TRP

The section about registration after obtaining a TRP discussed a foreign national’s obligation to apply for registration with a local FMS office or a local residents’ registration office within seven (7) business days from the moment a stamp that confirms the grant of a TRP was placed in his or her passport.

What documents are required for registration? The law prescribes that a foreign national shall provide his or her passport with a TRP stamp in it and “documents that confirm his or her right to use a residence.” The requirement to submit a passport is fairly clear, but additional clarifications are needed with regard to documents that confirm his or her right to use a certain residence:

  • If you have purchased a home (an apartment) in Moscow or of you have tenancy in common or shared ownership of a home (an apartment), the easiest way to obtain the registration is open to you. You will only have to provide your ownership title to the said home (apartment)
  • If you want to register at an apartment of a close relative (a child, a spouse, or a parent), you will have to provide (in addition to the ownership title deed) documents that confirm your relationship to the owner of the apartment and his or her consent for you to be registered there. Moreover, the owner is usually required to appear with you when you are submitting your application
  • If you want to register at a rental apartment or an apartment of a friend or a distant relative, in addition to the above-mentioned ownership title document, written consent and presence of the home (apartment) owner, the migration service may require that you provide your lease agreement or a an agreement allowing you to use the home (the apartment) for free. If this apartment is in joint tenancy, you may also need to obtain consent of each of the joint tenants
  • It is also possible to register at a municipal apartment (government-owned property which has not been privatized), but this addition to all the above-mentioned documents, you would have to provide a sublease agreement, a permit from the Moscow Department for Residential Policy and Residential Housing, and the overall floor area per individual residing at this apartment shall be no less than 10 square meters

The list of documents specified by law is clear enough. But what happens in reality? In reality, in addition to your passport, certificates of ownership, consents and agreements, you may need to provide any of the following documents: an extract from the list of residents (tenants), a unified housing certificate, notarized translations, receipts for payment of the state fee for registration, photographs, confirmation of receipt of your TRP, etc. The exact list of documents you will need to provide would depend on the district (the office) where you apply for your registration.

Some districts require many more documents for registration than the number of documents need for obtaining temporary residence itself. This is why our company provides a comprehensive service package for obtaining temporary residence in Russia, a package that includes registration at the place of residence after obtaining TRP.
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